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LtL Summer Sessions, 7-16th July 2020

Our specialist trainers have put care, passion and expertise into developing our series of Summer Sessions. We’re excited about showcasing the best of what we know about outdoor learning and play and are confident that our workshops and webinars will you help boost your knowledge and skills.


Week 1 Summer Sessions

We will lead you through how to begin and build your knowledge of outdoor learning with a spotlight on taking English and literacy outdoors and developing your school grounds. 

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Our first webinar with special guest Prof. Helen Dodd is all about mental health and wellbeing.  With the impacts of COVID, home-schooling and reduced access to outdoor spaces we are really looking forward to hosting this webinar. 

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Week 2 Summer Sessions

We will introduce you to the importance of playtime and how this time is crucial for children and young people. During this week we will have a spotlight on taking maths outdoors and why secondary schools should actively encourage play in their curriculum.

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Our second webinar is all about getting your school grounds ready for outdoor learning and play. This will include simple yet effective strategies you can implement to make outdoors apart of the extended classroom.

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Previous webinars

You can view our previous webinars, and access the links to all the relevant resources, by visiting our YouTube channel